A Unique Branding Solution That Will Set You Apart From Everyone Else.

In today's fast paced, challenging business environment traditional advertising methods are out. Unique innovative methods are in.

Our calculated, proven method of branding will guarantee more calls more clients and more revenue.

While some are still clinging to print to promote their product, others are moving to the internet. Both methods are functional in today's market however, in this competitive environment functional is not good enough. Functional translates to losing money.

Through years of experience and research Vizads has designed a program that combines the tradition and experience of print with the speed and power of the internet.

The result is a powerful successful branding solution that makes you money!

How It Works

25 Words In a Classified Ad Weekly Distributed To 33 Million Homes And Business.

Through a unique and exclusive arrangement with the print industry, both paid and free, we are able to place your ad nationally in papers with the highest circulation and readership in the target area. This classified ad is equivalent to striking a match.

Press Release

Vizads will add a Professionally written Press Release as a way of amplifying and enhancing the Back- Linking concept.

By definition a press release is simply a statement prepared for distribution to the media. The purpose of a press release is to give journalists information that is useful, accurate and interesting about you and or your business. While a Press Release is a wonderful form of publicity, from a marketing point of view it can be another cost effective tool to increase visibility for your business.

A press release once posted makes you a source on the Web creating a calling card for anyone making a relevant search on Google, yahoo, Bing etc. Vizads uses this strategic form of promotion to help you maximize your branding opportunities while generating sales and profits.

Search Engine Optimization.

The new buzz phrase today is SEO, Search Engine Optimization simply stated its moving your business up the search page, Google, Yahoo! etc.. For example, a potential customer might need a new purple widget and you just happen to sell widgets with our high-powered SEO your Purple Widget business is one of the top five businesses listed. Why is this important? Because experts say that few people scroll down the fold to make a selection and best of all, while you're reaping the benefits of being in "the top 5" your carefully placed classified ad is working in tandem with the internet. SEO Power in motion.

You have just lit the fuse.

Relevant Back Linking

Back linking is what separates Vizads from everyone else. What is Back linking and why is it important? Back links are links that are directed towards your website. These links are vital to Search Engine Optimization. The number of Back links a website has is a key indicator of its popularity or importance with search engines. Search engines, namely Google, give more credit to websites that have a larger number of quality Back links and consider those websites more relevant in a search query.

Vizads understands relevant Back linking, placing your ad in strategic locations which means doubling the attention and exposure to your business. You not only receive clients from those looking for you in print you also receive business on line from those who are making a general relevant search. Back- linking also has a rippling effect lasting long after your ad has been placed.

That loudnoise you're hearing is your business making an impact on a global scale maximizing sales and profits for you and your business.

All packages include a one time set up fee of $1250.00.This fee includes creative, writing and producing of all advertising copy.

Target Market:

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